Hi, I'm Tommaso


A list of featurated projects I've worked on as an employer, collaborator, self-employed, student or personal. To show only relevant projects, many are hidden. These projects cover many Computer Science fields like Data Science & Analysis, Web Development (both back-end and front-end), Game Development and Software Development


Gladiator Wheels

Software EngineerMay 2021 - Present@DreamBitsStudio

Fields: Software Engineering, Game Development, AI Enginnering, Gameplay Programming, UI Programming

Gladiator Wheels is a fast-paced multiplayer game about figthining cars in a medieval-punk environment. Winners of Bologna Game Farm 2021 : funding and accelerator program in collaboration with IIDEA . Working on a Networking solution for Multiplayer Synchronization. Worked on the in-game Level-Editor Software Architecture for creating custom arenas.

Tech: Unity, C#, Photon Realtime, GitLab


Smart Bear

Big Data DeveloperApril 2022 - September 2022@SESAR - UNIMI

Fields: Data Engineering, AI Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualization

Smart-Bear is a big data platform to offer evidence-based personalized support for healthy and independent living at home. Working on Data Imputation, Data Augmentation and Data Visualization. Using predictive algorithms like MICE and Random Forest. Studying their performance and effects on distribution and correlation matrices

Tech: Python, PySpark (Apache), SparkSQL, MLlib, scikit-learn, Echarts.js (Apache), Docker, git


Data ScientistDecember 2021 - Present

Fields: Fintech, AI Engineering, Automation Engineering

An automated trading bot with predictive analytics using many trading indicators. Used backtracking algorithms and caching system testing on 5-years-long datas for winning strategies and their performance. Running 24/7 on a RaspberryPi4 sending messages through a custom Telegram Bot

Tech: Python, Yahoo Finance, Binance API, Telegram API, git

Untitled Nature Game

Game DeveloperApril 2021 - Present@ Relow Digital

Fields: Game Development, Gameplay Programming

A prototype game about growing-plant based weapons. Many GIFs of the concept went viral on Twitter and Reddit collecting more than 5 million's views.

Tech: Unity, C#


Software EngineerOctober 2021 - January 2022@ UNIMI

Fields: Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Data Security, Data Protection

A University project about creating a system for online voting: creating, managing and counting electoral votes. Engineering the architecture and reusable software using diagrams like Use Cases, Class Diagram, Sequence Diagram, UML, FSM.

Tech: Java, SQLite, Maven, Eclipse, JavaFX, git

Easy Insta Growth

Automation EngineerNovember 2020 - November 2021

Fields: Automation Engineering, Social Media, Data Engineering

An automated solution for Instagram account management and growth. Used on Fiverr to managed more than hundred clients worldwide.

Tech: Python, Selenium, git


Game DeveloperJune 2018 - November 2020@ Relow Digital

Fields: Game Development

A multiplayer FPS set in procedural worlds that was showcased 2 times at Milan Games Week (2019, 2020) and at Svilupparty Bologna (2019).

Tech: Unity, C#, Photon Realtime, Google API, Steamworks API


Game DeveloperJune 2015 - March 2017@ExagonGames

Fields: Game Development

a low poly online multiplayer FPS which demo on gamejolt had more than 500k downloads. Partnered with New Reality Games, released Polywar on Steam at the end of 2016

Tech: Unity, C#, Photon Realtime


A list of news, articles, interviews, awards, expositions, events, talks and achievements. To show only relevant recognitions, many are hidden


Bologna Game Farm

Funding & AcceleratorDecember 2021 - July 2022

Bologna Game Farm is a funding and accelerator initiative dedicated to innovative startups for the development of videogames. Lead by Ivan Venturi, Luca Marchetti, Gianluca Marani. Promoted by Regione Emilia Romagna , Comune di Bologna , in collaboration with IIDEA

First Playable

Event6-8 July 2022-Firts Playable is Italy's leading international event about game business. Coaching, talking and pitching to international publishers and investment founds like Nintendo Europe, Epic Games, Acer and so on

Winners of Bologna Game Farm

Award15 December 2021-Winners with GladiatorWheels of the funding project Bologna Game Farm: accelerator dedicated to innovative startups for the development of videogames

This Gun in Unity Creates Climbable Ivy

Article25 October 2021-Arti Burton, 80LVL. Tommaso Romanò shared a look at an updated version of his procedural gun.

Social Media for Game Developers

Talk10 July 2021-Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and TikTok to boost GameDev explosure

One Man Company (Round Table)

Interview29 November 2020-Emilio Cozzi, with Fortuna Imperatore and Johnny Lonack. Pros and cons of working as a Solo-Game-Developer.


A list of not-Computer-Science-related but achievements I'm proud of


🥈 4x200m - Italian Championship Ancona 2022
🥉 4x100m - Italian Championship Grosseto 2021
🥉 4x100m - Italian Championship Grosseto 2020


Yamaha Music Foundation - Grade 6
Yamaha Music Foundation - Grade 7
Yamaha Music Foundation - Grade 8
Yamaha Music Foundation - Grade 9
Yamaha Music Foundation - Grade 10